Friday, December 18, 2009

Smell it..

One thing has become clear to me - devastation and destruction can come at anytime, from almost anywhere - sometimes you could almost smell them in the air.
The maniac killer robots, the mutant psycho human, 2 of the things they say would destroy the world? - I think we are seing them already. Just look at those robotic war machines, those weapons, WMDs, those unbelievable world leaders ( all mutant and psychos are unbelievable..), increasing unlawlessness - you just never know. Now combine those with tsunamis, earthquakes, wars, volcanoes, the 'impending' super tsunami - you get the smell now..?
Did someone say "alien invasion"?
One thing for sure, I need to bring forward my 2034 plan with Yan and I want to see Dizz making smoke signals eating nasik lemak..LOL! =)) (..kidding..)
Do you think I worry too much..? or not enough..? Neither actually, I just want everything that I want, NOW!. There is no point in worrying, because when it happens, not IF but when - you have nowhere to run, no time to worry.
But then again, there is the Almighty..and we all know 'He' has all the final say.

Somebody got married to marry magdalene..

I dont know..but i think we all live in a world of fictions today Some of us believe, the sufferings of the Arabs in Middle East will eventually go away, others believe the US, will save the Arabs and 'force' Israel to stop further incursions into Arab territories, and there are some who believe that Hizbollah will link-up with Palestines, Lebanon, Iran and Syria and together they will crush Israel to an unimaginable defeat...
Like I said, I dont know but ~ I dont think so!. Israel is the 4th largest military might in the world!! and that is no fiction. With that might, backed by the most powerful military nation, they can choose their enemies. The majority of Israel people support their government and believe the killings of the children and the women in Lebanon and Palestine as mere fiction, they believe what their govt. is doing is self defence - pre-emptive and anticipatory in nature, they believe the 2 Israelis soldiers 'captured' by the Hizbollah were kidnapped in Israel territories, they believe every Arab are natural born terrorist,
But the worst fiction of all is when we start to believe that there is nothing we can do...yup, you and I..

Into the fire...

Is it OK to go out on a heavy date with your friend's girlfrirnd..? (or b/f). Assuming nobody is going to know. Assuming it is only an 'expedition' - a trip to nowhere (for both..). I know it sounds crazy, I believe the clinical term here is nuts, but have you given it a thought..? Serious thought, or at least given it a 'hmm..what if I err..' thought.
Rules..? I know about those unwritten rules..but if we were to stick to that we'l just never know. You know what they say about rules - for the restless, rules are meant to be broken..hohoho.
Hey..I'm just asking. Temptations do come and go u know..

Blowing off...

Perhaps I never really like Nazri Aziz, perhaps I dont understand what he is saying, perhaps I dont know who he wants to be...but no matter, I just hate it.
"It's not that I dont love Tun (Mahathir), but I love UMNO more" he said..
Grrr..he thinks his blood is redder than Mahathir's..
I have no qualms about you loving UMNO, go ahead knock yourself out - but Malaysian interest first, please.
Mahathir is only asking the questions the people wants to know - nevermind if there are only about 26 millions of us here. Maybe you have given us all the answers..but I still dont understand why we have to get S'pore's permission to build the bridge on our side of the territory - the Malaysian side. On top of that, I'm still trying to figure whether sovereignty is something you must throw out of the window when the going gets tough. Please! I dont want to hear about the impossibilities of the 1960 and 1961 Agreements, but if you want impossible I have a thing or two about impossible myself.
Pieces of metal, put together, carrying hundreds of people across the sky and through the oceans - that is impossible. A man talking to another man at the other end of the world, some thousand kilometers away- that is crazy impossible. Man on the moon..? No way, simply impossible. Seing what happen around the world at it happens on realtime...really?? Impossible. Now think! If those people who invented the plane, the ship and the phone (to name a few) shared the same impossible mentality as you are...dont even try to imagine where we are today.
I dont really care who Mahathir was, but today, on this bridge issue, on sovereignty..I trust him more than you. And I dont see why his previous outrageous and questionable ventures need to be put forward just to shake his dignity and integrity...

Note: With permission, anybody can copy-paste this to Nazri. And tell him I said this "It's not that I dont love him or UMNO, but I love Malaysia more"

Are they for real..?

A local Member of Parliament has thrown a challenge to bloggers to come out in the open and debate on whatever issues and not hide behind a pseudo..

Hohoho..sounds like another political acrobatics eh..? I remember Lord President Tun Salleh Abas, he was sacked in 1998 and when asked recently why he has been keeping quiet about his sacking all these while, he said, " Why would I say anything..? I knew whatever I said would not be reported. When I made a statement, my statements were twisted and truncated. A different version entirely came out..the decision makers were the editors who...put their own version.."

Need I say MP.?

I have to admit..

Truth and honesty are not friendship window-dressings; they are in fact part of the substance, the essence, the heart of friendship itself - so to say. But how I wish I could say the same about relationship...
There is an old adage: thoughts lead to acts, acts lead to habits, habits lead to character, and character determines our destiny.
I used to fail miserably when friendship and relationship collided and I'm sure I will fail again someday because sometimes in order to keep friendship, you are left with no other options but to be dishonest with your relationship - not dishonest like having another man/woman in your life, but dishonest for not being able to tell the truth. I find this frustrating really but that's just the way it is..
You know how territorial people can get sometimes.....

You walk into the party

"You are so inflated and full of yourself" - that's what I said when I read some of the blogs I wrote. SOme are really stupid - unbelievable stupid, like the one about my fantasies (deleted) or the one about Gal and Guy (also deleted). But that's what happens when you write something out of the blue - when you dont use Dolby System to suppress the noise of your xcitement, hoho. Maybe I need to 'design' what I write in future...but that wouldnt be spontaneous anymore. More, that wouldnt be vain anymore..LOL!
U know what..? Actually you get away with lots of things - being stupid. Not the unintelligent brainless stupid, but with bizarre crazy stupid..
Life cannot be all duty or beauty, u know..

This is...

I have people telling me to look back sometimes, and pick up some of the nice things I left behind or some of the good things that are worth taking. Hmm..good advice, no argument here and I appreciate that, BUT..I'm not so much a revisiting-the-past person or going-back-to-where-I-belong person. Not that I have forgotten my past or dont know where I belong - never!, but going back will not give my past back. I do my mathematics on real-time now. Call me unreal, call me anything but I find it more rejuvenating and less pinpointing working with tomorrow. You can't be wrong with tomorrow today and you can't judge tomorrow today. The 'wrong' things that I have done? Well..I can't have them corrected anyway..but I will try to remember not to repeat them..
Of course sometimes I do feel all screwed up, but that is only because I screwed yesterday, and as long as I dont screw today ( and it's become practically required now), I'll never get screwed tomorrow - what goes around, comes around. Easy eh..? Hoho..not so. But I count my blessings - my losses are something else. If you want to move on, losses are nothing - they are just prices that you pay, a levy for the things that you pick up along the way.., the one you decided to drop, are best left where they are.
Hey, if you keep going back, when will you ever be coming..?
**btw, frenship (myspace incl) are forever,they are yesterday, today and tomorrow - all in one. The above doesnt applies**

Jebat died in vain..??

I was stiff and breathless and winded and disgusted, Mahathir had just failed in his bid (no suprises actually..) to become a divisional delegate..?? To me, this is humiliation at work - by my own people.
Maybe I'm just a sore loser (yup, I feel I'm a loser here - both as a Malay and as a Malaysian) or maybe they shouldn't be shoving his own medicine down his throat, but I still dont get it - what are they so afraid of, that he must not speak; - the truth..?? Why..? Why dont they just face him head-on? If this assembly is not the right platform for him to speak, where is? Maybe they just want him to fly his kite to the ground...I dont know. UMNO is in the world of their own. How the Chinese, the Indians, the poeple in our neighbouring countries and the rest of the world view us is never on the list of items...
I wonder how do we convey to our children the meaning of respect and good values with all these conflicts, collisions and defiance..
First impression counts you know..and it lasts.

I wonder what they are smoking up there...

Am I any less a Malaysian if I dont have anymore faith in my leaders..?
Am I any less a Malaysian if I feel so disgusted with their words..?
Am I any less a Malaysian if I fail to see any substance in them..?
Am I any less a Malaysian if I feel queasy every time they talk about courage and commitment on resolving gulf and misunderstanding...?
Am I any less a Malaysian if every time somebody tried to convince me that my leaders didnt screw up, I bang my head against the wall...
Maybe it's just me..
Maybe if i stop looking for their weaknesses and learn to look the other way I could be more Malaysian...
Maybe if I bring my expectations down to nothing and start accepting their flaws, I could be more Malaysian..
Or maybe I should love Malaysia less to be more Malaysian...
Maybe I should just get on with my life and pay no mind to them leaders of this country..
But of course I cant and I wont..I'm a Malaysian and THAT is a big something to me and I refuse to bathe in their glory of bringing those notches down...damn.

Nothing juicy.....

The western prejudice of associating Islam to/with violence is nothing new but has been deep seated since ages ago - thanks to the Church. But I'm sure these prejudices are meant to cover up a more disgusting history of violence - their very own...
Their slaughtering of the indigenous peoples of Americas and Australisia; their policy of colonialism, their slave trading, their apartheid...we are talking about close to 100 million lives here, and over a few generations. As sordid as they are, these are historical evidence..which you and I can refer to. Just try super-imposing Islam onto those violence if you can...
Today, the brutal violence continues - in Iraq by the American war machines; in Palestine, Lebanon and Afghanistan - the crimes against defenceless people and guess what..? they are still blaming the Muslim while they are at it..
Quran is perhaps the only religious text that explicitly prohibits coercion in matters of faith- that even when Saladin recaptured Jurusalem from the Crusaders during the Holy War in 1187, he not only protected the Chrisrtian community, along with the Jews, but their place of worship as well (re: History..), as compared to the 30,000 Muslim massacred when Crusaders first captured Jurusalem in 1099.
That Islam had spread by the sword..? A myth they always try to create to justify and expalin the dramatic and rapid growth of Islam.
Sure there are violence and horrendous acts by a fringe within the Muslim community, but most of them are reactive in nature due to oppression and subjugation by the west, as would have been expected by any other community in the same oppressed and subjugated situations.
(w/out permission: some text are borrowed from Chandra Muzaffar articles..)

More than a woman