Friday, December 18, 2009

Blowing off...

Perhaps I never really like Nazri Aziz, perhaps I dont understand what he is saying, perhaps I dont know who he wants to be...but no matter, I just hate it.
"It's not that I dont love Tun (Mahathir), but I love UMNO more" he said..
Grrr..he thinks his blood is redder than Mahathir's..
I have no qualms about you loving UMNO, go ahead knock yourself out - but Malaysian interest first, please.
Mahathir is only asking the questions the people wants to know - nevermind if there are only about 26 millions of us here. Maybe you have given us all the answers..but I still dont understand why we have to get S'pore's permission to build the bridge on our side of the territory - the Malaysian side. On top of that, I'm still trying to figure whether sovereignty is something you must throw out of the window when the going gets tough. Please! I dont want to hear about the impossibilities of the 1960 and 1961 Agreements, but if you want impossible I have a thing or two about impossible myself.
Pieces of metal, put together, carrying hundreds of people across the sky and through the oceans - that is impossible. A man talking to another man at the other end of the world, some thousand kilometers away- that is crazy impossible. Man on the moon..? No way, simply impossible. Seing what happen around the world at it happens on realtime...really?? Impossible. Now think! If those people who invented the plane, the ship and the phone (to name a few) shared the same impossible mentality as you are...dont even try to imagine where we are today.
I dont really care who Mahathir was, but today, on this bridge issue, on sovereignty..I trust him more than you. And I dont see why his previous outrageous and questionable ventures need to be put forward just to shake his dignity and integrity...

Note: With permission, anybody can copy-paste this to Nazri. And tell him I said this "It's not that I dont love him or UMNO, but I love Malaysia more"

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