Friday, December 18, 2009

Jebat died in vain..??

I was stiff and breathless and winded and disgusted, Mahathir had just failed in his bid (no suprises actually..) to become a divisional delegate..?? To me, this is humiliation at work - by my own people.
Maybe I'm just a sore loser (yup, I feel I'm a loser here - both as a Malay and as a Malaysian) or maybe they shouldn't be shoving his own medicine down his throat, but I still dont get it - what are they so afraid of, that he must not speak; - the truth..?? Why..? Why dont they just face him head-on? If this assembly is not the right platform for him to speak, where is? Maybe they just want him to fly his kite to the ground...I dont know. UMNO is in the world of their own. How the Chinese, the Indians, the poeple in our neighbouring countries and the rest of the world view us is never on the list of items...
I wonder how do we convey to our children the meaning of respect and good values with all these conflicts, collisions and defiance..
First impression counts you know..and it lasts.

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