Friday, December 18, 2009

This is...

I have people telling me to look back sometimes, and pick up some of the nice things I left behind or some of the good things that are worth taking. Hmm..good advice, no argument here and I appreciate that, BUT..I'm not so much a revisiting-the-past person or going-back-to-where-I-belong person. Not that I have forgotten my past or dont know where I belong - never!, but going back will not give my past back. I do my mathematics on real-time now. Call me unreal, call me anything but I find it more rejuvenating and less pinpointing working with tomorrow. You can't be wrong with tomorrow today and you can't judge tomorrow today. The 'wrong' things that I have done? Well..I can't have them corrected anyway..but I will try to remember not to repeat them..
Of course sometimes I do feel all screwed up, but that is only because I screwed yesterday, and as long as I dont screw today ( and it's become practically required now), I'll never get screwed tomorrow - what goes around, comes around. Easy eh..? Hoho..not so. But I count my blessings - my losses are something else. If you want to move on, losses are nothing - they are just prices that you pay, a levy for the things that you pick up along the way.., the one you decided to drop, are best left where they are.
Hey, if you keep going back, when will you ever be coming..?
**btw, frenship (myspace incl) are forever,they are yesterday, today and tomorrow - all in one. The above doesnt applies**

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