Friday, December 18, 2009

Somebody got married to marry magdalene..

I dont know..but i think we all live in a world of fictions today Some of us believe, the sufferings of the Arabs in Middle East will eventually go away, others believe the US, will save the Arabs and 'force' Israel to stop further incursions into Arab territories, and there are some who believe that Hizbollah will link-up with Palestines, Lebanon, Iran and Syria and together they will crush Israel to an unimaginable defeat...
Like I said, I dont know but ~ I dont think so!. Israel is the 4th largest military might in the world!! and that is no fiction. With that might, backed by the most powerful military nation, they can choose their enemies. The majority of Israel people support their government and believe the killings of the children and the women in Lebanon and Palestine as mere fiction, they believe what their govt. is doing is self defence - pre-emptive and anticipatory in nature, they believe the 2 Israelis soldiers 'captured' by the Hizbollah were kidnapped in Israel territories, they believe every Arab are natural born terrorist,
But the worst fiction of all is when we start to believe that there is nothing we can do...yup, you and I..

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