Friday, December 18, 2009

Smell it..

One thing has become clear to me - devastation and destruction can come at anytime, from almost anywhere - sometimes you could almost smell them in the air.
The maniac killer robots, the mutant psycho human, 2 of the things they say would destroy the world? - I think we are seing them already. Just look at those robotic war machines, those weapons, WMDs, those unbelievable world leaders ( all mutant and psychos are unbelievable..), increasing unlawlessness - you just never know. Now combine those with tsunamis, earthquakes, wars, volcanoes, the 'impending' super tsunami - you get the smell now..?
Did someone say "alien invasion"?
One thing for sure, I need to bring forward my 2034 plan with Yan and I want to see Dizz making smoke signals eating nasik lemak..LOL! =)) (..kidding..)
Do you think I worry too much..? or not enough..? Neither actually, I just want everything that I want, NOW!. There is no point in worrying, because when it happens, not IF but when - you have nowhere to run, no time to worry.
But then again, there is the Almighty..and we all know 'He' has all the final say.

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